When you walk through the door of my office you you will  step into a calm naturally lush and peaceful setting with a very seasoned therapist.  I hold a PhD in Social Work from UC Berkeley and in addition to my clinical practice, I have taught various college courses and supervised therapists for over 25 years.

My approach to therapy is somewhat unique, due to my various trainings and certifications. I am a licensed therapist, certified hypnotherapist (for 25 years), wellness coach, and certified Hakomi therapist.  I am known for my warm loving presence and utilize an integrated approach to achieve optimal mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Many of my clients come to me because they are feeling like ‘talk’ therapy or medications are not working for them. I integrate mind body therapies such as Hakomi and EMDR with current research of the brain to optimize the effect of these techniques. 

In my personal life, I enjoy a very close relationship with my two adult daughters, their partners and I enjoy being out in nature, meditation, walking, hiking, dancing and travel. 

2025​ 112th Avenue NE, Suite 301

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Bonnie Bhatti, PhD, LICSW

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