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2025​ 112th Avenue NE, Suite 301

Bellevue, WA 98004


I have been in private practice as a Licensed Massage Therapy in Washington State since 1991.  As a Massage Practitioner I’m excited about assisting clients in understanding and appreciating their body’s capacity to change and for them to experience more balance and ease within their everyday life.

I bring to your session a studied and experienced understanding of the body, along with a finely-tuned sensitivity and compassionate touch. I enjoy working with athletes, movement enthusiasts, individuals recovering from injuries, and people simply wanting to feel more relaxed and at home in their bodies.

I draw from the classic disciplines of “Swedish” and “Deep Tissue” massage, as well as elements of Structural Integration, Somatic Repatterning, Neuromuscular Therapy, Bioenergetics, Myofascial Release, and Positional Release techniques.

For over two decades, I have been helping clients to achieve optimal levels of health, performance and vitality. I love sharing my years of personal explorations into traditional and cutting-edge systems relevant to nutrition, movement training, anti-aging and regeneration therapies.

As a seasoned massage professional in “practice” I fully appreciate and am still grateful for the ongoing opportunities to continue learning and applying that which can help those I work with as I continue to learn from those very individuals myself.

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“I had the great fortune of finding Jeff as my massage therapist during my second pregnancy which seemed to go so much more effortlessly than my first. I was admittedly a little nervous at first but his personality was so easy going and reassuring he made me wish I had discovered this sooner! Getting regular prenatal massage was my secret weapon and I have since told my sister she needs to get it too”  ~ Jennifer C — Microsoft manager

“I have been lucky enough to get bodywork from Jeff for the last two years. The combination of his deep tissue massage along with the chiropractic I received immediately following a severe auto injury has had a profound effect on my body (which was severely injured from a car accident). Though I made a full recovery and my case has since been closed I have continued to benefit from Jeff’s work which has helped me continue feeling balanced and performing at a high level.”

~ Chuck Amory - Professor, triathlete

“Jeff is the first massage practitioner whose work I have found to be truly relaxing. He is a gifted bodyworker who is equally capable working with a specific area or problem as he is working on the entire body.”

~ Meredith Johnson, RN

Jeff Tissell, LMP