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   "I have been going to Matthew for a little over a month to help treat my anxiety. I was a first timer for acupuncture and was a little skeptical as I work in the medical field myself, only western medicine. I have now stopped my anxiety medication completely and can honestly say I feel absolutely amazing. I feel less stress and my anxiety is at an all time low. I recently took a flight to the east coast which would normally make me completely panic to the point of being sick, but I flew like I did it for a living. I was calm and confident. This was huge for me. 
    Every time I leave a session with Matthew, I want to scream at the top of my lungs how awesome I feel and how much this has positively touched my life. Matthew has a special gift and I am so happy to have met him. He has really helped me be the healthy, confident, and happy person I knew was hiding behind the anxiety. I would highly recommend giving him a call or shooting him an email if you are on the fence.  LIFE CHANGING!"

Elise V.

    "I came to Matthew on the recommendation of a friend.  I was struggling with intense PMS symptoms and a general concern about my menstrual cycle.  In particular I had been struggling with infertility for 5 years.  I had never done acupuncture before.  Wow, what an uplifting experience.  Within weeks the PMS symptoms were greatly alleviated and I was able to go off the anti-depressant I was taking for half the month.  He is very comfortable (apparently unlike a lot of other acupuncturists) working on infertility issues, which helped me feel like I had come to the right place.  Boy did I!  I'm now 3 months along [in my pregnancy].  This man has a gift!"

Marie M.

 “After four surgeries and eight years of chronic pain I believed that there were no more answers, and that I would be living with this for the rest of my life.  I felt hopeless and helpless until I was blessed to find Matthew, who has a rare and genuine gift in his ability to heal.   I know each time I leave his clinic, I'm going to feel like a new person.  It's a joy to have found such a young man with a love for what he does.  I am finally getting the relief I've been praying for!”

Stacey. R.

​ "Your treatments are better than any anti-depressant!"

Andrea G.

 "Matthew is a gifted healer who greets each person he treats with joy and compassion.  My body and soul feel completely listened to when I receive acupuncture from Matthew.  His gentle, calm, and confident manner brings such peace to the moment.  He stays in the room and present with me throughout the entire session, and is happy to answer my questions.  Matthew is one of the finest people I have met, and I trust him implicitly.  Do the quality of your life a favor and experience an acupuncture treatment with Matthew!"

Lynn. W

."I had been in pain for almost 2 years, been thru 6 months of physical therapy and was facing surgery on my shoulder when a friend suggested I try their Acupuncturist (Matthew); I was very skeptical that he could do anything, but agreed to go. I now call Matthew the "miracle maker". Not only do I have full use & no pain in my shoulder, but Matthew has brought my blood pressure down to normal when meds were not doing it, and I feel better than I have in years. He is an amazing person and so dedicated to really making his clients as well as they can possibly be. I discussed going to Matthew with my family doctor & he said it was an excellent move on my part, and spoke very highly of the school Matthew went to. Matthew is definitely a permanent fixture in my health care plan!"

Aggie S.

"I can't even begin to explain how great I feel after a session with Matthew! Aside from the amazing healing power of acupuncture, I feel fully taken care of during treatment.  Matthew makes you (the patient) the priority and gives his all during the time he has with you. I went to see him after a motor vehicle accident and his whiplash protocol literally worked like magic! He has also helped me tremendously with anxiety.  Matthew is a devoted, gifted healer. I would give him five stars over and over again!"

Banu S.

"Matthew is wonderful and has helped me with a variety of ailments over the last 2 years.  His approach does not involve a ton of needles which makes it less intimidating if you are new to acupuncture.  His diagnosis is spot on, and he is good at bridging between eastern and western theories of medicine to help patients gain a better understanding of the practice."

Julie Z. 

“This was my first-ever session at an acupuncture clinic, so I didn't quite know what to expect and was a little nervous. Once I was there, though, the nervousness evaporated. The environment at Elements of Nature is very soothing, with soft music and lighting and lovely art on the walls. The acupuncturist, Matthew Flesch, made sure I was comfortable at all times and made sure to explain what he was doing and why. I came in on my wife's recommendation with the beginnings of a cold, and came out feeling much better; and the duration of the cold was much shorter than usual. Beyond that, I also emerged feeling very relaxed and refreshed."

Wade. R. 

 "I had never had an acupuncture treatment before going to Elements of Nature, and had no idea what to expect, but after suffering from tendinitis in my wrist for over a decade, I decided that maybe it would help. What an understatement! After just a few visits, the near constant pain had disappeared! And it was so much more than just healing my wrist. Matthew Flesch is a true and gifted healer and he truly cares about healing the whole person, bringing the body and mind into balance. After just one visit I felt more alive than I'd felt in years. More alert, refreshed and relaxed."

Angela. R.