· Effective treatment of symptoms

· Safe

· No side-effects

· Non-addictive


"Matthew has really helped me be the healthy, confident, and happy person I knew was hiding behind the anxiety." 
Elise V.

"Matthew's Treatments are better than any anti-depressant!"
Andrea G.

Stress is a big problem in our society.  According to a recent survey on stress over 100 million Americans report suffering from stress and its negative effects — anxiety,  depression, and insomnia.  That’s one in every three Americans!  While Western medicine can offer some relief from these symptoms, the side-effects and interactions of prescription of drugs can have far-reaching negative effects on overall health and well-being, including the need to take these drugs indefinitely. Because of this more and more people are seeking ways of handling their stress while still being in control of their emotions and overall health.  Acupuncture offers an alternative that can quickly turn stress around.  Every day more people are turning to acupuncture for safe, effective relief from their depression,  anxiety, insomnia, and other stress-induced symptoms.   



In Western medical theory the emotions are influenced by brain chemicals: either hormones or neurotransmitters.  Research has shown that acupuncture can help  regulate many of these chemicals including: melatonin (controls the sleep cycle);  serotonin (regulates mood); dopamine (provides a pleasure response); noradrenaline (relaxes the body and mind); and cortisol (helps with managing stress). 


Oriental medicine views the body as one interconnected form through which flows a subtle energy called “Qi” (pronounced chee).  The free-flow of this energy is the natural state of the body and leads to health and well-being.  Blockage, or ‘stagnation’ of the Qi can result in an emotional disharmony.  Depression, anger, and irritability are common symptoms of this disharmony.  Freeing the blockage, we can not only clear up the symptoms but also start the process of re-patterning the body to keep these symptoms from returning.


One very important difference between Oriental and Western medicines is that in  Oriental medicine the mind is found, not in the brain, but in the Blood.  This is a critical difference, since the blood and blood flow are easily augmented through acupuncture treatment.  Like Qi, the flow of blood in the body can be obstructed or otherwise disturbed, and this can lead to mental disturbances.  These disturbances can range from simple forgetfulness to full dementia, from nervousness to panic disorders, from restless sleep to complete insomnia.  By treating the flow of Blood in the body these mental states can begin to be reversed, bringing a new level of clarity and peace to the mind.


While Acupuncture has been shown in many studies to be effective in the reduction of   psychological symptoms, and can even stand alone for very mild symptoms of anxiety or  depression, at  Higher Wellness we suggest a multi-layered approach to mental and        emotional wellness. 

We highly recommend  adding counseling from a trained professional to your care regimen, as well as other therapies as needed.  We can provide referrals to qualified therapists. 

If you are already under the care of a counselor we will work closely with them to assure that you get optimal  results.

· Treats multiple symptoms at once

· Can prevent future symptoms      from  occurring