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Break a Habit!

The Holidays are a time to SHINE!  and one of the best ways to shine is with clearer, softer, smoother skin!  Nourish your Inner (and Outer) Self with a Transformative Acupuncture Experience!  Get pampered with Matthew's exclusive TRANSFORM Facial Rejuvenation Protocol and SAVE!  Through January I am offering $200 off the Transform Package, so instead of $1400 you will pay only $1200!!  

Just think, for five weeks you will come in twice a week for a wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating session with acupuncture, massage, and other amazing stuff!  And in that time you will reverse the clock, looking and feeling younger with every passing week!  By the end you feel 10 years younger in both appearance and vitality!  You Have To Experience This!!!

Look and Feel Younger!

Come in for some New Year's Bliss!

Special Offers and Incentives!

How great would it be to experience Freedom  this New Year?!

We are offering Matthew's wildly successful QUIT Smoking Program for an unheard of rate!  Usually $800, starting now and through the month of January you can quit smoking (or whatever habit you want to change!) for only $600 for 6 one- hour sessions over a two-week period, and 2 follow-ups when you feel you need or want them!   $600!  For a lifetime of not smoking (or whatever it was that you did)!  That's awesome!

And Higher Wellness is now partnered with                                 , the premier online quit smoking support forum, so you will get FREE access to the benefits of this amazing, positive community!

Please let me support you in creating the life you want!

You know how you like to share a great thing - so share your awesome healing experience with Matthew too!  And when you do you and your friend will BOTH receive $20 off your session with Matthew!  My way of saying how much I appreciate your trust in me!
Some rules apply, so check them out here!  And thanks so much for sending your peeps!!

Refer your friend and you both win!

This New Year I am hoping that you give yourself the gift of taking good care of yourself!  I want you to come in to Higher Wellness and come in often, so I am going to make it really easy!
Starting now and going through January 20, I am offering the New Year's Bliss Package! These are packages of acupuncture sessions to my best folks (you!) priced at $400 for 5 one hour sessions!   That makes each session only $80 ($20 off my normal rate)!!! Even I can't believe it!  So please take advantage of this total lapse of judgement on my part and get some care for yourself!