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2025‚Äč 112th Avenue NE, Suite 301

Bellevue, WA 98004


Higher Wellness has full- and part-time Massage/ Body-Work/ Energy-Work rooms available immediately. We are located in Bellevue just north of downtown. These 8'x12' rooms are perfect for massage therapists, reflexologists, energy-workers, or any type of body-workers. With a full wall of windows looking out onto a serene forest landscape, your clients will be surrounded by tranquility and peace. What an amazing place to spend your work time! 
Higher Wellness is a healing center where we strive to come together as healing practitioners to form an energy of community and support for both our clients and each other. Let's face it - healing is an intense job that can often be isolating, and we need collegial support and interaction. Here is a place where we can connect, whether it be just for a few moments in the breakroom, or at the center meetings we hold fairly regularly. Higher Wellness is a place to Belong.
Along with your room you get access to the reception room and ample parking for you and your clients, charting and desk space, storage for files, utilities, excluding your phone, but including fax access and wi-fi. We also have a breakroom with mini fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and induction hot-plate for warming up your lunch.
One room is room is $750/ month full-time. The other is part-time at $175/ day/month (2 day/week minimum). The part-time room already has a massage table and furnishings so that your space is instantly ready for you to begin practicing!
Come check us out! Room showings are by appointment only! Text Matthew at 425-218-3094 to set up a time to stop by.

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