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to help you quit!

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No drugs, no patches, no battles with self-control.  
  Just 2 weeks to a smoke-free life!

You have wanted to quit for as long as you can remember.  You have known the risks, the inconveniences, the cost - all the problems associated with smoking.  You may have tried to quit before using drugs, or patches, or even just stopping cold-turkey.  But none of these have worked.

Here is a program that will work!

All you have to do is really want to quit - the acupuncture will do the rest.  How?

With acupuncture I can control your cravings so that you will not have that fidgety withdrawal feeling.

With acupuncture I can 'reset' your lungs - making it so that were you to try to smoke another cigarette it would feel like your first - with all the coughing and nausea that you had to muscle through to start your habit.

With acupuncture I can get the to emotional root of why you smoke, and help you overcome whatever issue underlies the habit.

And with acupuncture this transition from smoker to non-smoker happens

in just 2 weeks!

If you are ready to quit I want to get you there!

And best of all your program to quit smoking forever only costs you $800!  

That is equivalent to only two months of smoking at a pack a day!

But it all starts with a FREE consultation. 

Schedule yours today by calling 425-218-3094 now!

You can't afford not to quit!