Eastern Medical techniques, including acupuncture, bodywork, and medical Qi Gong energy work to help with:

Emotional and mental well-being – anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, acute or chronic psychological conditions

Relief of trauma: emotional, psychic, childhood, physical, abusive

Life transitions: loss, relationship changes, empty nest, career, any and all new directions

Addiction recovery: chemical or behavioral dependencies

Internal medicine: medical conditions of all varieties

Pain relief

Acupuncture with Herbal Consult

Everything stated above, with the addition of Chinese herbal medicine to support your process between acupuncture sessions

Remote/ Distance Energy Work

Work on similar areas of focus as above, but from a distance over phone or skype/zoom.  Emphasis tends to be more on psychic disturbances.

Business coaching

Intensive one-on-one work to help with goal-setting, performance, reduction of limitations, confidence, finding passion and joy in worklife.