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My revolutionary TRANSFORM Rejuvenation System 
is a gateway to more vibrant, healthy skin - 


No longer does restoring youthful appearance have to include chemical toxins, surgical procedures, recovery times, and risks of complication!  My process has done away with all of that.  Now in just five weeks you can have skin that looks and feels 10 years younger without any of the risks posed by other cosmetic treatments.  And the results can last 3 to 5 years!


The TRANSFORM Rejuvenation System is a total transformation process by which we will naturally engage the body's innate wisdom and it's urge to renew and repair itself.  Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, the TRANSFORM System will help to restore balance, not only to your face and skin, but to your emotional, mental, and spiritual nature.  Through the five weeks of your protocol you will take part in a restorative movement into wholeness and balance.

This ability to engage the whole self is a hallmark of Oriental medicine.  The body, according to Oriental physiology, is continuous with the Mind and Spirit, and cannot be singled our without creating imbalance.  We, therefore, always take into account the totality of a person: their physical symptoms, emotional state, and spirit - as well as their surroundings: job, relationships, community.  This holistic approach allows us to go much deeper than a Botox injection or surgical intervention ever could. 

 A Multilayered Approach

My non-surgical TRANSFORM Rejuvenation protocol is a holistic, natural and comprehensive skin rejuvenation program designed to restore, re-tone, and rejuvenate the face and neck.  But beyond that it is designed to balance the body, reducing stress, pain, and other symptoms of disharmony, while enhancing overall health. 

Your TRANSFORM protocol will be designed specifically for you and will combine several techniques that synergize to create the profound and lasting results.  


In every session you will receive a whole-body balancing treatment before we do anything else.  This will be tailored to restore energy and vitality while clearing any blockage or stagnation.

You will also receive Cosmetic Acupuncture with points specifically chosen for you based on your vision of where you want to achieve changes.


~ More energy

~ Better digestion

~ Better sleep 

~ Fewer hot-flushes and night sweats

~ Better libido

Self Care

I will also create a self care regimen, designed with you in mind, to help you get the most out of your TRANSFORM Rejuvenation Protocol.  This will include dietary suggestions based on your Chinese medical diagnosis, self massage techniques, Qi Gong exercises to do at home, and tips for releasing stuck emotions that can cause repetitive facial expressions and consequent wrinkles.


~ Skin that is more radiant and beautiful

~ Disappearance of fine lines 

~ Smoothing of deeper wrinkles

~ Reduction of sagginess

~ Lifting of droopy eyelids

~ Reduction of moles and other facial blemishes

~ Clearing of acne and rosacea

Chinese AcuPoint Massage

In addition to using acupuncture on the face points, I will also perform a relaxing, energizing massage on your face to awaken the points and get  them ready to receive the energy to come.   I will also finish the session with massage on your arms, legs, and feet!  

Qi Gong Energy Work

Qi Gong is an ancient form of energy work that uses the intent of the practitioner to move Qi through the body’s meridians in order to enhance the effects of acupuncture.  Qi Gong is very nourishing as pure energy can be drawn from outside sources to supplement your Qi.    


~ Better sense of self

~ Deeper appreciation of your self

~ Better understanding of your goals and purpose


~ Reduction of stress

~ Reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety

~ Feelings of calm and peacefulness

 What transformations can I expect?

The results you can expect from the TRANSFORM Rejuvenation Program reflect a profound change, not only in the composition and external appearance of the skin, but in the total wellness of the body as a whole.   These changes may include (but are not limited to):

LED and Far-Infrared Light Therapy

I can use several types of light to create significant changes in the structure and color of your skin.

Red LED and Far-Infrared light help to restore collagen and elastin lost through the process of aging and environmental impact.  
Blue LED light eradicates the bacteria that cause acne and blemishes.         
Green LED light targets pigmentation cells to lessen the appearance of moles, age spots, and uneven skin coloration.