I work to help my patients transcend their limitations to reach an optimal state of health and well-being.


I have a deep interest in helping people work through mental, emotional, and spiritual disorders.  I started on this path by focusing on mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, OCD, ADD, and ADHD (Read more about Acupuncture MindCare HERE).  But I quickly realized that one cannot make substantive changes in these conditions without addressing the underlying emotional and spiritual issues - things like failure to manifest one's dreams, feeling off your life path, or feeling blocked from achieving your Purpose.

This work has become my Purpose, and I am very excited to be able to help people become as fulfilled as they know they can be! 

Why choose me as your Personal Transformation Facilitator?

My passion, expertise, and dedication to my participants are unsurpassed.

I love what I do - and who I work with - and it shows!  I aim to achieve the highest level of results for each person, and take time to find out just what it is that you want to achieve through our sessions.  My commitment to your success means that I spend our whole appointment with you, listening to what you have to share, listening to your body for the sources of disharmony, placing needles, and while the needles are in, doing energy work. I will never leave you alone with needles in. Not ever.

I bring all of the experience I have gained over the past 20 years working in the alternative healthcare field. This ranges from nutrition and supplement knowledge, to Qi Gong energy work, to Shamanic healing techniques, to drug detox strategies.  No matter where your disharmony lies I have a way to help you come into better balance!

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